These Companies Sell Your Email To Spam

Wonder why you’ve seen an uptick of spam in your email box? It could be that you created an account with any of these Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers. Here’s an offer email we’ve received at least five times in the last 12 months. We’re no doubt targeted as we’re also in the MDM space.

Subject: Mobile Device Management Software Users

Would you be interested in our recently compiled Mobile Device Management
Software Users List?

These are some of the users list we provide:

* AirWatch
* MobileIron
* Good Technology
* Xora
* IBM Worklight
* Citrix XenMobile
* SAP Afaria
* BoxTone
* Fiberlink
* Symantes Athena

Please let me know your thoughts, so that I can send you more information
for your review.

Best Regards,


Senior Demand Generation Executive

Notice the typo in the domain name of the email ‘From:’ field. This is grade-A scummy SPAM selling the opportunity to SPAM further. Needless to say, we will not be participating.

The indication that some of the largest MDM players in the field are selling off their customer emails to SPAM lists is disturbing.